Forms Builder

Enlite’s AI Powered Forms Builder enables front line workers to build highly configurable forms that are secure and ensure users comply with the latest requirements. No code is necessary, and forms can be configured by non-programmers in minutes, saving hours of design time and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Assessment Builder

Enlite’s Assessment Builder enables Front Line Workers to build highly configurable assessments and questionnaires using a simple point-and-click interface. AI Powered Assessment Builder combines the best attributes of traditional IRT, item response theory (IRT) modeling, with machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to develop assessment items that are calibrated to respondent ability and item difficulty, this reduces survey costs while improving client service delivery.

Business Rules Engine

Enlite rules engine allows front line workers to make changes to the solution due to policy changes without a need for programmers to make the change. This provides quick and efficient solution development, plus helps reduce costs associated with maintaining the software

Route Optimization

Determining the best route for trip planning, either through google maps or ESRI integration, Enlite’s AI powered route optimization enables front line workers to better plan their site visits and in person meetings. This helps avoid waste by reducing the amount of extra time spent on travel and increase productivity by being more efficient with time spent in the field.

Workflow Customization

Our advanced workflow tool is perfect to meet the needs of health and human services agencies. It has all the latest capabilities, including drag-and drop workflows, publishing and collaboration, workflow auditing and more. Choose from our customizable templates or start from scratch and build your own.


Enlite’s suit of collaboration tools provides all the latest capabilities, including file sharing, real-time chat, task management and document management. Front Line workers and supervisors will have easy access to data from wherever they are whether it be their desktops or laptops. Enlite also makes it easy for team members to collaborate with each other on projects within a secure environment.