Enlite’s AI powered Assessment and Survey builder helps front line workers create their own Assessments and Surveys. Enlite enables you to:

Create your own Assessments and Survey templates

Automatically assign Assessments and Surveys to your users

Track user completion of Assessments, Surveys, and Forms

View results of completed Assessments and Surveys in real time


Enlite Intake/Referrals module for health and human services is a powerful tool that helps you manage intake, referrals, and referral tracking.

The module allows you to receive referrals from several channels, including phone calls, emails, faxes and online portals. You can also easily integrate Enlite Intake/Referrals with external and internal systems to track referrals and ensure that they are properly managed.

Funds Management

Enlite Funds Management module is a powerful solution that helps health and human services agencies manage their federal funds, State funds and grants. Enlite’s fund management module offers the following benefits:

Enlite is easy to integrate with other systems in your agency. This enables you to easily access information from other systems, including financial systems, Medicaid Medicare Information Systems(MMIS), Electronic Health Records(EHR’s) and HR systems, as well as bring information into them in real time.

Enlite follows industry best practices on funds management, including those established by OMB Circular A-133 and the Single Audit Act. This ensures that your agency is compliant with all federal funding requirements.

Real-time dashboards and reports allow you to monitor your agency’s progress toward meeting its goals at any time of day from any location.

Self Service Portals

With Enlite’s self-service portal, citizens can access a wide range of services without having to speak with an agent. The portal uses an intuitive interface that allows for easy navigation and a seamless experience. Citizens can use the portal to:

Apply for benefits and claim status

Update their accounts with any changes (address, phone number, etc.)

Check the status of their application or claim

View their eligibility for other programs (such as child care benefits, food stamps, TANF etc.)

Training and Compliance

Ensuring that your agency is fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations can be a daunting task. It’s not enough to just know the rules—you need to make sure that your agency is following them, too.

Enlite helps you do this by tracking all required certifications for each worker in your agency, so you can make sure they’re up-to-date on their training and certification requirements before they go out into the field.

Enlite’s Track & Certify program allows you to manage all required compliance certifications with ease. Our system makes it easy for you to track certifications for each employee, making sure that all workers have the necessary credentials before they start working in their new positions.

Enlite also provides you with a dashboard full of useful data about your agency’s overall performance, so you can identify problem areas and make decisions based on evidence rather than guesswork.

Claims Management Engine

There are several types of Health and Human Services agencies that can benefit from Enlite’s claims management engine.

Social service agencies that provide services to children and families, including foster care and adoption services, mental health services, and case management for children in need of protection can use Enlite to automate the process of managing their claims. This will help them to better serve their clients by reducing human error and streamlining their workflows.

Agencies that provide health care to individuals who are covered by Medicaid or Medicare can also benefit from using Enlite’s claims management engine. With Enlite, they can reduce the amount of time it takes them to process claims so they can spend more time providing quality healthcare to their patients.

Outreach Management

Enlite’s outreach management tool helps agencies manage relationships with people in need of services, along with the outreach workers who serve them.

Enlite is built on a flexible, customizable platform that allows you to tailor the software to your own needs. Our software can be used by several types of Health and Human Services organizations, including:

  • Organizations that provide direct care services to individuals
  • Organizations that provide indirect care services to individuals (such as welfare benefits)
  • Organizations that provide direct care services to families or groups of people (such as foster care, early childhood programs, etc.)

Analytics and Reports

Health and Human Services agencies can benefit from powerful Enlite platform that provides them with actionable insights.

Enlite provides an opportunity for health and human services agencies to gain valuable insights into the performance of their programs and services. Enlite’s analytics tool allows you to measure the effectiveness of your initiatives, improve program outcomes and save money by making better decisions.

Enlite provides users with access to data from multiple sources and makes it easy to find answers quickly by combining information from different databases into one place. This ensures that you get a complete picture of what’s happening inside your organization and how it affects your bottom line.

AI powered Bots

Health and Human Services agencies can benefit of powerful Enlite’s AI powered bots.
The main advantage of AI powered bots to aid front line workers is that they are able to perform routine tasks(intake approvals, assessments, service allocation with no need for human intervention. This can result in a significant reduction in the costs incurred by the agency and helps to increase efficiency. They also free up resources that would otherwise be required for manual data entry, enabling staff to focus on more complex work that requires their expertise.

e-signs/Document Management

HIPAA compliant Document Management capabilities are built into Enlite platform, so that clients can sign documents online, and the agency be able to organize seamlessly.

With Enlite , you can:

  • Eliminate paper documents from your workflow, and save time and money by using Enlite e-signing solution for all of your acceptance documentation needs.
  • Significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to process documents, because you’ll have everything organized in one place.
  • Give your team access to files anywhere they are—they don’t have to be in the office or even on the same computer or mobile device!


Enlite Smart Scheduler tool allows home health care workers to schedule home visits, in-person meetings with families, and other work-related activities based on real-time traffic patterns.

With Enlite Smart Scheduler it’s easy for front line workers to see how their day is going to unfold before they even leave the office. They can be sure that their route will be safe, and they won’t have any surprises when they get there.

Enlite’s Smart Scheduler integrates directly with Google or ESRI maps so that when a front-line worker is on the road, they can see where their safety zone is and plan their route accordingly. Once they arrive at their destination, Enlite will automatically notify them if it is safe for them to leave the vehicle or not. This allows them to make decisions about how long they need to stay at each location based on real time traffic conditions rather than guesswork.